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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

13 Year Old Nya Marquez Makes An Amazing Song "No, No More" In Order To Promote Hope and Healing To Those Affected By Domestic Violence

Nya Marquez

Hello, everyone! Today, I am happy to write to you about this amazing song and video that was made by 13 year old Nya Marquez. I absolutely love music and I love when it brings awareness to an important cause especially domestic violence. While on Twitter about two months ago, I happened to come across the twitter page of Nya Marquez, in which I saw her promoting her song that she made to bring hope and healing to those affected by domestic violence.

I have to say that I was and I still am very touched by Nya's song "No, No More". I think that  it is such a beautiful song and Nya is a beautiful person inside and out. To be 13 years old spreading such an inspiring and important message is very beautiful. I hope that you are as touched and inspired, by the song and the video as I am. Please share and reach out to Nya on twitter @nyaband and show your support for what she is doing to raise awareness for domestic violence. 

Below, is the wonderful video, "No, No More".

Feel free To Visit Nya's Websites No, No More and "Nya Entertainment"

As always, thanks for reading! Much love and God Bless, 
Nicole Lofton 

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